Friday, April 17, 2009

Not Very Happy

Digby is not a happy camper. He has a very long post about the torture memos and finishes with this:
They are all war criminals, from the nice looking Mormon sadists who call themselves doctors, to the twisted bureaucrats in the Justice Department who call themselves lawyers, to the top leadership of the Bush administration who sat there and watched choreographed torture sessions in the White House and have the utter gall to call themselves human. They all knew that what they were doing was repulsive and immoral. That's why went to such lengths to ensure that all of it was approved with all the is dotted and all the ts crossed all the way to the very top and back down again. They all implicated each other.

Apparently, they assumed that nobody would ever prosecute even one of these very important, upstanding members of their professions for horrific crimes such as these because if onw went down they would all go down. And apparently they were right.
He is of course correct. The Obama Administration is running and hiding from this a fast as they can. The question is why?

This is a question that may never be answered, but Roland Martin may have given the game away yesterday on CNN:
MARTIN: Look, unfortunately, the left, frankly, needs to shut up when it comes to this issue, because if you're the president -- if you're President Obama, the last thing you want is the future president, if it's a Republican, looking back at what you did and saying we're going to prosecute those folks, as well.
Got that. Let's unbox this a little. Martin is basically preemptively accepting a possible Republican argument that all prosecutions for real war crimes are politically motivated. Am I the only one who thinks that is bat shit crazy? Or is it something else? Could it be that Martin is accepting the idea that Obama will probably do something illegal too and so it is not in his interest to go after Bush, for fear of being put in jail himself down the road? If that is so, America is done. Once rule of law is replaced by the rule of serial elite ass covering, democracy is finished.

Update: It seems others are not very happy either. Oh well, the President's defenders can always tell us to "shut up".

Saturday Update: Chris Floyd with a terrific deconstruction of Obama's statement accompanying the release of the memos.
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