Friday, April 17, 2009

Playing Games -- Again

It is becoming clear that the Tories are playing games with Ontario's economy. They are so focused on setting up the CAW as the fall guy, should Chrysler go belly up, that no other initiatives are even being put on the table. Letting Chrysler go under seems to be very attractive to the Tories for some reason. First, it kicks Ontario in the balls (something that will warm the hearts of the Alberta-heavy caucus, still seeking revenge for the NEP) and second, it makes the CAW look like the bad guys (which is something the Blogging Tories will be glad to run with). With this government, nothing is more important than to bleed Ontario and keep its base happy. Nothing. Not the economy, not security for its citizens. Nothing.

Update:The leaders of the CAW, not being retarded, have decided to fight back.
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