Saturday, April 04, 2009

Muslim? Of A Darker "Hue"? Stranded Outside The Country? Good Luck

What is Canada's policy regarding Canadians stranded overseas? Who knows? As with so many other things, the economy for example, the Harperites are making it up as they go along. If you are a white woman stranded in a Mexican jail, we move heaven and earth to help. If you are a black Muslim, charged with no crime, but stranded in Sudan we move heaven and earth to keep you out -- even to the point of acting extra-constitutionally. The question posed at the beginning of this post is a trick. There is no policy in Canada anymore, only acted upon whims of the ideologues and spin doctors of the PMO.

Canada has been taken over by thugs and outlaws --men who believe that law is bendable, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is merely a list of suggestions. We must do everything legally possible to toss these bastards onto the garbage heap of history, along with their lawless buddies, the "assassin king", Dick Cheney and his little pal George Bush.

Update: Tom Flanagan, as always, suggests a alternative, yet plausible reason for our government's insane improvisation. From his February 2, Globe and Mail column.
Mr. Harper's first priority should be to reconnect with the Conservative base - the donors and volunteers who keep the party alive. These people may understand the political necessity of his budget, but it won't make them like deficit-spending. Volunteers and donors have to be motivated by more than realpolitik.

Mr. Harper needs to show them that he's still a conservative by pushing some non-budgetary initiatives in the House of Commons. He could start, for example, with the criminal-justice measures from the party's platform in the 2008 election. Why not make these a matter of confidence and run them straight at the Liberals? Will Mr. Ignatieff force an election on behalf of criminals? I don't think so.
Is this another case of Harper trying to get his conservative groove back, on the cheap?
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