Monday, December 01, 2008

Where Now?

My money is still on prorogation. Desperate people do desperate things and these guys are wetting themselves. I suspect if their private polls find that a majority of Canadians a) don't know what prorogation is and/or b) do not mind a government in power for two weeks taking another two months off, the Tories will pull the plug.

Tuesday Update: John at Dymaxion World raises an interesting point.
Mike Duffy raised the issue of the government running out of money unless the Parliament votes on new money bills soon.
I admit, I hadn't thought of this, although I suspect it wouldn't bother some on the government side much. You can be sure the minions in the PMO are checking every corner of the known universe for some obscure rule, not used since the 13th century, that allows the King to raise money without Parliament's consent.
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