Friday, December 05, 2008

What To Do Now?

I am sure that question is being asked all over Ottawa this morning. The public really, really doesn't understand minority government and quite frankly doesn't care to try. All people want is for politicians to get their act together and "do something". The problem is, no one in the other parties can work with Harper. The man simply cannot be trusted. On the other hand, the government is getting huge numbers as a result of this week and if you don't think Harper will use them to squeeze the other parties, you haven't been paying attention. So, to sum up, the country is in a panic, and the government is being run by an incompetent psychopath, who is being challenged by men who make incompetent psychopathology look palatable. We Canadians are well and truly, screwed.

Update: And pardon me, but if the Liberals think that trying to pretend they already have a new leader, will not work. It won't fool anyone and makes the real head of the coalition look weaker and more incompetent than he already does.
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