Thursday, December 04, 2008

Harper Having An Impact

The lead editorial headline in Le Devoir this morning: "Harper, le pyromane" (Harper the Pyromaniac). Meanwhile in BC and keeping on the theme of fire. It seems someone burned NDP Nathan Cullen's sign down the night before last. It is time for the firebug in chief to take his matches and go home.

Update: I ran the Le Devoir editorial through Google translate. It is always an adventure, but the translator did a fairly good job. Read it yourself. See for yourself the damage Harper is doing to our country. It is time for him to go.

Harper the pyromaniac

Since the threat to overthrow the Harper government by a coalition NDP-PLC with the support of the Bloc Quebecois, Conservatives all ministers, including representatives of Quebec and the prime minister, adopt a very aggressive towards those that 'so-called "separatists". Behind these attacks appears to light so far retained a disregard of the former Canadian Alliance against the legitimate and democratic aspirations of French-speaking Quebec.

The frustration is such in the Conservative government that all shots are allowed to win the favor of public opinion in Canada and Britain. Both in their advertising that House members Conservatives have lost all sense of restraint, at the same time accusing the Liberals of betraying their country and the Bloc of betraying their ideals. It emerges from the conservative approach of pure fragrance of hatred against cursed "s├ęparatisss" who choose the Quebec before that of Canada as a nation to protect their culture and identity.

When Conservative MPs and the Prime Minister rose in the House to accuse the PLC-NDP coalition to hand over its fate in the hands of a party that seeks only to destroy Canada, they make a triple fault: first d 'ignore the constructive contribution of the Bloc for democratic debate that took place in Ottawa for more than eighteen years and then not to recognize that all federalist parties, including the Conservative Party, have already signed formal agreements and informal with the Bloc in the interest of parliamentary work and finally, that the presence of the Bloc in Ottawa is also legitimate and respectable than any other member.

During his first term at the helm of a minority government, Stephen Harper has tried to forget about the radicals he had held in the past against Quebec nationalists. To listen since the beginning of this crisis of credibility that overwhelms his government about to be overthrown in four days or four weeks, these efforts have been buried under a torrent of spite because that gives millions of Quebecers do not having served a term majority on a silver platter.

The Conservatives have already forgotten that they have elected a handful of members in Quebec during the last two elections, while the Bloc won a majority of seats? That Quebecers have elected members of the Bloc instead of Conservative MPs, it is not a coincidence that they felt in their hearts and conscience that this party was better placed to defend their interests within the federation. However, the Bloc has not received the mandate to make independence in Ottawa and its support for the coalition does not particularly that goal. In fact, anyone who contributes the most to raise the passions and destructive ire of French at the moment is Stephen Harper and not Gilles Duceppe!

What happens past few days in the Commons confirms the negative interpretation from the economic statement last week. Whoever came during the last election campaign as a man of openness is emerging as a vengeful politician, and since Tuesday, the head of a party of arsonists. This climate, this is neither the Bloc nor the NDP or the Liberals who are responsible, but the very man who, heading a minority government, should have exercised restraint, openness and trial at this time of crisis in the country: Stephen Harper.
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