Friday, December 12, 2008

Wells On Fire

Who needs to write blog entries when Paul Wells is putting out stuff like this?
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  1. I like it except for the refrain about the voters having granted Harper power. They did no such thing. And having realized that most Canadians actually think that's true, i.e., that it's not just a kind of shorthand for "the Conservatives got the most seats", I can't commend an article that has that language in it.

  2. Tell the voters that.

    I think that what we're seeing in the polls right now -- viz., Harper with a twenty point lead even over Ignatieff -- is a reflection of strategic voting by the swingable voters. That is, they wanted Stephen Harper as PM with a tin can tied to his tail.

    They made the mistake of relying on Dion's assurances during the campaign that there would be no coalition between him and Layton.

    What December and the Coalition have taught them is, this isn't an option. So now they have to decide between a Harper majority and Coalition government.

    The poll movement shows where they are -- for the moment, I must stress -- on that choice.

  3. Ben, that poll was as bogus as Canwest's stock value.