Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Dear Liberals

Thanks for expediting the leadership. Now all I ask is that your leader take a clear stand on the future of the coalition (and letting Jim Karygiannis speak to the media does not count). Thanks.

Update: I am not suggesting that Iggy have a news conference (In fact that would be a stupid strategy). However, I think Layton has a right to know how the Liberals are going to jump. After all, how Iggy handles his relationships with the other leaders may determine his own fate in a possible minority situation of his own.

Bonus Food For Thought Update: The fact that Andrew Potter is writing endless screeds promoting the idea that the coalition would destroy the Liberal party, should tell the Liberals that a coalition might be the way to go.
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  1. Potter is kind of a sad case. You get the feeling it wasn't inevitable that he become a right wing hack, and yet here we are.

  2. I agree Declan. There is a PhD dissertation there for somebody.

  3. Ooh -- he may take the government down, but no cabinet seats for you, Jack:

    "If they do defeat the Conservative government ... Ignatieff will go to the Governor General and say 'We think we can form the government but we don't have to do it with a coalition,'" Fife said.

    Fife noted that the NDP and Bloc would have to support the Liberals because they already have expressed their hatred towards the Conservative government.

    So he sees Mulcair's bet and raises him.