Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sorry, I Don't Get It

Scott Tribe points us to Reid Scott's defection from the NDP to the Liberals, today. Quite frankly I just don't get it. I can understand someone coming to the conclusion that they can't support the NDP because they are disappointed that the party seems to be moving away from social democratic principles in a bid to supplant the Liberals. That is an honorable and if I may say, reasonable observation. What I can't understand is the leap from "I can't support the NDP because it is abandoning its principles." to "I am therefore going to join the Liberal Party." Is the thinking here that since the NDP is selling out its principles, one might as well beat them at their own game and join the congress of whores known as the Liberal Party of Canada? That takes selling out to a whole new level. One I never wish to visit.
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  1. Actually, Scott's rationale was that Dion is more principled than Layton.

  2. Has Scott never actually looked at the record of the Liberal Party in power? They are wonderful in opposition and on the campaign trail. Their delivery record (unless either under duress or in a minority situation) is terrible. Better Scott should say "I can't support anyone" than to join the Liberals.

  3. As for Dion being more principled than Layton, all I have to do is look at the voting records of the two leaders over the last two years. Dion has consistently said he opposes the government, but has consistently either voted with them, or abstained from every confidence measure. And that is considered principled? Oh yes, I know, I know, the Liberals will reverse all of the bad Conservative legislation just as soon as they are in power. Just like they did with Free Trade and the GST.