Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let's Give A Big Round Of Applause

To the Liberal Party of Canada, for giving the Tories all the material they need to construct a defense against the indefensible.
However, a spokesman for Harper said scenes of Khadr sobbing for his mother as he was interrogated by Canadian officials in 2003, would not sway the government's position.

"These videos were in possession of the previous government when they decided to pursue the judicial process for Mr Khadr to have his day in court in Guantánamo," Harper's chief spokesman, Kory Teneycke, said.

"The information is not new. We can't ignore the serious charges Mr Khadr is facing. The proper forum for determining his guilt or innocence is a judicial process not a political process. We're not affected by what's on the cover of newspapers."(emphasis mine)
There is a reason the Tories keep using the "But, but, but the Liberals did it too" defense. They use it, because it is true. Does the defense make any sense? Only to a five year old and the Tory base (which is all that matters). The point is, the Liberal are now calling on the Tories to do what they themselves failed to do. No wonder the Tories are laughing at them.
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