Thursday, July 10, 2008

Harper To Khadr: Drop Dead

Really, is anyone surprised by the news that Harper thinks that the military tribunal system is just okidokie? Rule of law really doesn't mean that much to the modern conservative radical libertarian (Ayn Rand Division) movment, because we all know that laws are for losers and suckers. The base will be thrilled (which is all that matters). Everyone else will be horrified. Another day in the life of the Harper "government" permanent revolutionary council.

Update:This quote from John Hutson (taken from the Washington Post link), the former Judge Advocate General of the United States sums up the Bush Administration's (and thus the Harper government's) attitude toward the idea of fair trials.
"We know you're guilty. We can't tell you why, but there's a guy, we can't tell you who, who told us something. We can't tell you what, but you're guilty."
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  1. For the record, most real libertarians are against this, including the right-libertarians like Lew Rockwell. The so-called "libertarians" that support this are nothing more than neo-con thugs, pretending to be libertarians.

    Or, as we say, 'vulgar libertarians'

  2. Perhaps Libertarianism is a clumsy term. Maybe we should call it "Authorindividualism". It rejects any kind of collectivism and sees government as merely the instrument of an individual will, be it George Bush's or Stephen Harper's.

  3. Or better yet, Individuatarianism.