Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Inner Life Of A Tory Supporter

The press can write any number of editorials calling for Omar Khadr's release. Who cares? The press are full of leftists who only know how to look down on good, hard-working, folks who play by the rules. Only Stephen Harper understands the pain of the people who didn't have the connections or family money to pave their way. Only Stephen Harper can speak to the feelings we have, every time we see an immigrant driving a better car than we have. Stephen Harper helps us to embrace our resentments and channel them in the best way possible, supporting Stephen Harper. Stephen Harper does a service to the nation by helping us to get our revenge on everyone who has done better than us in life. Omar Khadr, the person is irrelevant. Khadr is a symbol for all of our hurt. And he is going to pay. Stephen Harper will keep faith with us. Stephen Harper is us.

Update: I should have added that Omar Khadr also stands for every punk kid who got off, using our lefty Youth Justice Act. Damn kids.
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  1. Sure, you're drawing a caricature here, but there's enough truth to it that it works.

    But Omar Khadr the person is very relevant. Khadr fought for the other side, and that does count for something.

  2. In looking at the comments on other blogs and at Jonathan Kay's article, the idea of Khadr as person with a personal history is almost completely absent. He has become a symbol of everything the conservative party dislikes and his "trial" when it comes will be secondary. His true worth is to act as a surrogate for all of our society's ills, as defined by conservatives.

  3. All right, I can't speak for my fellow small-c conservatives & Conservative Party supporters -- I don't even read comments sections, and I rarely read CPC-supporting blogs other than what's on my blogroll.

    Best I can do to explicate my own views is what I've posted last August and now, and I was under the impression that most thinking CPCers were somewhere similar on it. But I could be mistaken. (I don't actually talk to many living, breathing conservatives these days.)