Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Khadr Through The Looking Glass

Of all of the disturbing things on this video, the worst is the sense that the CSIS guys were not working for Canadians. At best, you get the sense that they are from some neutral country, powerless to do anything. At worst, they act as if they are Junior G-Men, actively working for Uncle Sam. Never, did I get the sense that they either knew, or cared that they were dealing with a child soldier and a Canadian citizen (at one point one of the interrogators tells Khadr that he can't help him to get back to Canada, but maybe Khadr could help him stay in Cuba. I almost lost my breakfast.) To them, Khadr was just another job, another interview. They may as well have been talking to a piece of meat. Behold your government's agents at work and remember, this all happened when the Liberals were in power, all you "progressives" who think defeating Harper will make a difference.

Update: I would really like to have a liblogger take a sober look at their party's role in this whole fiasco. The video, plus the fact that the Liberal government knew (knew!) that Khadr was being mistreated by the Americans and still did nothing, should be a wake up call. Your party was responsible for Khadr's welfare and calling for his release now that it is in opposition does not get it off the hook. I don't want to hear how Dion is a different kind of cat than Martin or Chretien. That is all bullshit. Dion was a member of both governments at a senior level. Your party doesn't get to sweep this under the carpet, just because it has a "new" leader.

Update 2: Meanwhile, the Blogging Tories remind us what this is really about: revenge against the odious Khadr family.

Update 3:
Even Jonathan Kay is calling for Khadr to be sent home. Only Harper and his Junior League Republicans are saying no. Time for those rat bastards to go.
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  1. Greg; can't agree with you more. I read liblogs regularly and I find it shocking that they do not hold Dion and others to account. Putting up Rae to comment is typical shifty lib business since he can say he wasn't in cabinet during the years in question and then he gets to go back to attacking the Cons for their lack of action. Such incredible hypocrisy I find myself yelling at the tv.

    Thanks for this post.

  2. Clown Party of CanadaJuly 15, 2008

    Please do not give facts to a LIEberal. They have very short memories when it comes to their “didn’t get it done" attitude.

    Just like the environment - GHG went up about 30% while DeYawn was Minister of the Environment - they will not accept the responsibility of this affaire also. [Similar to Ad-scam and money in envelopes – which they promised to pay back, but are broke, and never will – there was nothing wrong with that because “it saved Canada as a nation.”]

    I love your view on this.

  3. You are certainly correct about Liberals shameful involvement in the Khadr affair but at least they are now joining with other opposition parties in demanding Khadr's repatriation.
    We really should thank our judicial system for giving us this glimpse into the operations of CSIS. CSIS is virtually foaming at the mouth. They equate any sort of accountability with support for terrorism!
    Anyway it is clear that CSIS sees itself as a junior partner in the U.S. war against terrorism and is willing to violate international law just as U.S. intelligence operatives have done.
    It remains to be seen if the secretive Iacobucci inquiry will rap their knuckles.