Friday, July 25, 2008

Credit Card Conservatives...

Strike again! The modern conservative movement, with its "no taxes, but spend anyway" agenda should never be allowed to run anything bigger than a lemonade stand (because when it goes out of business, who would care?). The only question now is, how many disastrous conservative governments worldwide will it take to get the corporate press to change its consensus view that conservatives are "good fiscal managers"?

Update: (Pat Myself On The Back Edition): My entry from October last year looks almost prophetic.

Saturday Update: Declan raises a good point in the comments. This was not hard to predict, so why are conservatives allowed to get away with slagging the money handling skills of other parties?
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  1. October? I predicted this back in early '06! (not that it is such a tough prediction).

  2. Ya, but you are way smart. ;)