Friday, July 04, 2008


Antonia Zerbisias has written a pretty good piece on C-484 this morning, but I have to take exception to one statement she makes:
The problem is, with the current governments in Washington and Ottawa, which have demonstrably anti-choice elements, the pro-life side now has hope.
I have no argument with Antonia's contention that this government has a large number of anti-abortion fire breathers, but I do have a bone to pick with her because she fails to mention that these guys (and they are mostly guys) would be getting nowhere, if they didn't have a lot of support from the back bench of the Liberal Party. To read Antonia's column, you would think that the Conservatives have a majority government. They don't. This government only has the legislative power that the other parties are willing to give them.

While shaking one's fist at the Conservatives feels damn good, it is a waste of time. Those guys haven't changed their minds since the wheel was invented (a bad idea, by the way, since it gave women more free time). Antonia should be directing her fire at the Liberal caucus, (especially those members from the Duchy of Scarborough) and at the leader of her paper's preferred party.

Finally, lest anyone think I am letting the NDP off lightly, I would tell Jack Layton that he needs to have a talk with Peter Stoffer and make it clear that a he can vote to support a woman's right to choose or he can sit as an independent.
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  1. Stoffer has promised to vote against it on third reading.

  2. Good. I hope he keeps his word.