Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Fearless Predictions

There are going to be three by-elections in September. The seats are now held by the Liberals and the Bloc. If the status quo holds, the Liberals will crow and say that the NDP is dead. The Conservatives will say it is no big deal since the seats were never theirs and the NDP will declare it a moral victory. The Bloc will say they are back, baby.

If the status quo doesn't hold and the Liberals manage to lose one seat (or God help them, two), they will blame the NDP (but not the Greens) for splitting the vote and claim it is a dark conspiracy to prop up the Tories. The Tories will crow (especially if they manage a miracle in Guelph) and will egg on the Iggynauts to overthrow Dion. The NDP will crow (if they manage a miracle in either Guelph or Westmount) and will claim that the NDP is now the only alternative to Harper. The Bloc will say they are back, baby. The electoral results are unpredictable, but the reactions to the results are as predictable as the sun rising in the morning.
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