Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spin, Spin, Little Liberal

Since Impolitical does not have any comments, I guess I will have to post here. The Liberal spinner is upset that the NDP is introducing a motion of non-confidence against the government, as opposed say, against the other opposition parties. Heaven forbid the opposition actually oppose. That is just so gauche. I first must note that only a Liberal could see a vote of non-confidence in the government as a vote against them. I guess when you vote with the government as often as Liberals do, you start to see yourself mirrored in their interests. Now, on to the guts of Impolitical's complaint. He writes:
I think the Liberals stand for creating prosperity and balanced budgets, much as they did during the entire course of their recent long tenure which Canadians well remember.
Funny, I remember the massive cuts in transfers to the provinces which were passed down to the municipalities, which we are still dealing with. I guess it's all in how you remember it.
And yes, that does include evil but reasonable corporate tax cuts worked into the mix. Small business owners are "ordinary Canadians" too, don't ya know. They work hard and play by the rules and deserve their tax cuts too.
Ah, the small businessman, the last refuge of scoundrels and Liberals. I have never heard the Royal Bank and Shell Oil described as small businesses before, but it is the banks and oil sector that are making out like bandits under these tax cuts.
The Liberal approach to budgeting is starkly different from the current crop of Conservative ideologues whose policies have led us to the brink of deficit for the first time in over a decade. In fact, it's likely one of the strongest areas of contrast that the election will see. If the NDP want to make the Liberal record on the economy an issue, by all means, go right ahead.
My answer to this is, if it is so different why are you voting to support their budgets? Also, I am sure the NDP will bring it up during a campaign, thanks.
The larger point here though is one of political positioning that the NDP continue to pursue but which has failed to produce noticeable gains for them in the polls or in recent by-elections.
Cuz ya know, politics is all about the polls and power. God forbid you, you know, stand for something.
The Green Party is elbowing them out. They need to grow. Yet they're not likely to build up much goodwill with Liberal voters in order to convince them to vote NDP with this approach. That's why it's such a strange tactic, this continued onslaught. In ridings such as my own, where Peggy Nash will be facing Gerard Kennedy, I can't imagine such MP's would favour the hardening of sentiment that the likes of Mulcair are fostering. Shouldn't such MP's want to attract Liberal voters rather than ridicule them?
As for this, we will see about the Greens. This "onslaught" is about bringing down the Tories and Mulcair is mocking the pantywaists in the Liberal caucus, not Liberal voters (and that is pretty damn easy to do). Impolitical has completely missed the boat and has screwed himself into the ground. Liberals have to remember that, even though they vote like Conservatives, they are not the government. This vote is not against them unless they make it so, by siding with the Tories (yet again).
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