Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh Really Mr. Baird?

Here's a little exchange between David McGuinty and Environment Minister, John Baird over the alleged intervention of a private anti-Kyoto group into the 2006 election.

Mr. David McGuinty (Ottawa South, Lib.):

Mr. Speaker, Friends of Science has admitted it was Mr. Paulsen, Barry Cooper's right-hand man, who planned the ad campaign and picked the five markets in Ontario while working for the minister on the Conservative campaign. They even bragged that these radio ads reached hundreds of thousands of people in ridings where they could influence the outcome of the election. In fact, they did.

Will Canadians have to wait until the RCMP comes knocking on the minister's door, or will he simply admit that Friends of Science act as an arm for the Conservative Party to break, yet again, campaign financing rules?

Hon. John Baird (Minister of the Environment, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, until yesterday I was unaware of any radio ads. I have never heard of the Friends of Science, and I have never heard of Barry Cooper or Douglas Leahey. (emphasis mine)

What the Liberal member for Ottawa South is doing is saying things with which he has no ability to provide one ounce of truth to back them up. If he is so brave, if he is so convinced he has the facts, let him tender those facts outside of the House of Commons. Let him say exactly what he said here outside of the House of Commons. There is a reason why he will not, because it is not true and he knows it.

"I have never heard of Barry Cooper". Really, Minister? Is that your final answer? I am sure Mr. Cooper will be crushed when he hears that. I am sure some intrepid reporter out there will want to verify that Mr. Baird has never met nor heard of one of our Prime Minister's biggest supporters.
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