Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Shorter Jeffrey Simpson

I wish everyone in the NDP was as great as Douglas and Broadbent. Well duh. It always amazes me how the pundit class in this country has internalized the idea that to rule means to rule cynically and anyone who questions this "truth" is just "sanctimonious". No wonder we have the politics we have.
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  1. Fester, given their virtual defense of the tories in the Cadman affair, I'd say the NDP are selectively sanctimonious--which sounds more like cynicism to me.

  2. By the way, do you hear an echo in here?

  3. By the way, do you hear an echo in here?

    I thought it was just the voices in my head. Thank God you hear it too.

  4. When you call it a "virtual defense" you are quite right. It "virtual" as opposed to "real". I tend to believe Joe Comartin's explanation that the police should have first crack at this, since this seems to be a criminal matter. If they can't press charges then the politicians should have a go at the political aspects of the case.

    My fondest wish is to see one of the Harperites hauled off to the Big House.

  5. from Kadie O'Malley's liveblog of the Justice Committee:

    "Huh. The NDP isn't here. I think that means that it's not even going to be close when/if the chair takes the vote. The NDP had been siding with the government on the main motion, although even the consummately mellow Joe Comartin admitted that he was losing faith in the chair. But if he's a no show, it's the Bloc and the Liberals against the chair, which means - I think - even if a Bloc MP does take the chair as VP, the vote still passes."

    Looks like an abstention, Fester. We're all human.

  6. Looks like an abstention, Fester. We're all human.

    Speak for yourself. ;)