Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Did They Serve Tea?

Via Kady O'Malley comes this TASS-like press release from the Conservative Party, on the subject of the raid on their headquarters:
"Today Elections Canada visited the Conservative Party of Canada Headquarters. This is related to an on-going court case initiated by the Conservative Party of Canada in the spring of 2007. The Conservative Party has provided Elections Canada with all the information that they have requested."
It sounds like a lovely time was had by all. Funny there is no mention of the RCMP. I guess one doesn't discuss the comings and goings of one's servants, does one?

Update:Is it harsh to suggest that the Conservatives are "misspeaking" again about the reason for the raid? It is highly unlikely the RCMP would be involved in a raid over a civil suit launched by the Conservative Party. This is more likely a raid over the in and out scandal, or perhaps the Cadman affair.
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