Friday, April 25, 2008

Oh Peter Van Loan

Why won't you learn, sir? You just have to make a fool of yourself every day, don't you? I was watching the Newman show at supper time and who did I see, but Duff Conacher (begin at 16:16) who said that Van Loan repeated half of a sentence uttered by Conacher on tv, in order to make it look like Democracy Watch supported the government's position on the in and out scheme. Conacher has demanded an apology.

Now, any normal politician, in any other political party would have admitted some kind of error. But, this is not ordinary politician from no ordinary party. Van Loan is now demanding that Conacher apologize to all Canadians for misleading him by making a false statement of support on television.

This is amazing to me, but illustrative of what we are dealing with here. A politician takes part of a statement by someone, uses it under false pretenses, gets caught and then blames the person whose statement he falsely used. It kind of sounds like the thinking behind the in and out scheme itself. These conservatives believe that the ends justify the means and they will not let anything, not even reality to get in their way.
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