Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's Official Harper Is A Coward

Try to imagine a Prime Minister who gets up in the House to denounce one of his own departments and then doesn't show up to vote non-confidence in that department. Well, you don't have to imagine because it happened yesterday. Harper hates Elections Canada, there can be no doubt, but not enough to be caught on camera voting against it (bad for the image you see. Don't want those nasty opposition parties holding him to account for voting against an agency with more credibility that he has). To me a coward thumps his chest and makes threats, but then runs away when he is called upon to take an action which might come back to bite him. In my mind, our PM exemplifies that definition, in spades.

Update:And in case anyone is in doubt what this whole "in and out" stuff is all about, Lorne Gunter helpfully explains the real Tory goal -- the end to spending limits during elections.
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  1. Remember when the NCC tried to use the Court Challenges Programme to argue against campaign spending limits?

    Now, who was it involved in that failed case?

    Oh, yeah Harper.

    This whole thing, for the last two years, is about Hrpo getting revenge on those that transgressed against him in the past. He really is Nixon.

  2. Unfortunately, it took almost four years for Nixon's particular strategies to cause a real scandal. Given the past few months, if we don't have an election this spring, Harper will find some way to bury himself before long. There's hope yet!