Thursday, February 28, 2008


Ya know, they could find Stephen Harper naked in a choir loft and it wouldn't matter a damn. If the Liberals aren't going to bring down the government, who cares?

As a side note, frankly I think it is a greater offense giving away billions to corporations in tax cuts and looting the treasury to enrich "private partners" in public enterprises than to offer money to a guy to change his vote. Tossing away billions causes not a peep, but offer a guy a bribe and they come after you with pitch forks. Man, what a screwed up world.
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  1. Stop being such a drama queen, Fester. The ghost of Reform/Alliance may well be rearing up to bite Stephen Harper on the ass. That's got to be good--even if Jack Layton can't get his 17% of the vote all over again as soon as he'd like. Get a grip!

  2. Ace, believe or not this isn't about Layton. I just think it is all too ridiculous at the moment. The Tories are setting systemic corruption machines (PPP Canada) that have the potential to squander billions and what are we upset about? A million dollar life insurance policy that may or may not have been offered to someone who can't tell us one way or another. Harper will skate away from this in a cloud of bs fumes. Just watch. Meanwhile, Dion will shake his little fist and do...nothing.