Sunday, February 03, 2008

Kabul Is The New Saigon

Here is a chilling description of the situation in Afghanistan today. From this morning's Sunday Times:
Kabul is like Saigon at the end of the Vietnam war. It swarms with refugees and corruption while an upper crust of well-heeled contractors, consultants and NGO groupies careers from party to party in bullet-proof Land Cruisers. Spin doctors fighting a daily battle with the truth have resorted to enemy kill-rates to imply victory, General Westmoreland’s ploy in Vietnam.
It's funny how our media, still possessed by war fever, is incapable of uttering anything close to a negative prognosis for Afghanistan. Here, it's all about the Manley Report. It's all "If we only had a thousand more troops and a half dozen helicopters, we could really, really win!". It's all about looking "serious" and shouting down anyone who disagrees with the media consensus.
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  1. Fester, less is more.

  2. Ace, more is more too.

  3. Sometimes--but sometimes it's less, just like less can be more.