Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hail Mary, Full Of Grace

The government, looking ever more desperate by the day, pulled another stunt out of its bag o tricks today. Psycho Steve is going to force a confidence vote on a motion to "force" the Senate to pass their crime bill on their schedule. The idea, I suppose is to force Dion to either vote for the motion and then accuse him of "not being a leader", when the Senate ignores this farce; or force him to vote against the motion and then call an election on "law and order", rather than the crappy economy or Afghanistan. Mr. Dion, Canadians will not even blink if you vote with the government on this one. Go ahead, vote with the loons of the Tory party. Their days are numbered and this is merely the final twitch of a dead parliament.

Update: Question for any of my many readers (lol-ed.). If as Kady says, the motion is against the Parliament of Canada Act, could not the opposition parties just ask the speaker to rule it out of order?
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