Friday, February 01, 2008

Shhh, Hear That? It's A Cover Up Unraveling

The Tories are, as we say, toast. To cover up the knowledge of torture, for almost a year is pretty shocking. To hide it from a federal judge will almost certainly make that judge cranky. To hide it from the Canadian people, on the correct assumption that it would make an extension of the mission virtually impossible, will make their re-election prospects murky at best. This news should free Dion from the Iggy/Rae, however. How can Dion negotiate with Harper, knowing that Harper will lie and conceal vital information from him? Harper is a swine who deserves unemployment. To Mr. Dion and the Liberal Party I say bring this parliament to an end. Bring on an election. We need a purging.

Update: To any Tories out there who might be tempted to snark. Remember, these are the "good guys", in whose name we fight. If the "good guys" are just "bad guys" with better suits, then we have no business fighting for them.

Update 2: The flying damage control squad that is the Harper government, quickly assessed its position and realized it needed something special. So, it uncrated the Chief of Defence Staff and sent him out to meet reporters this morning. I don't know what they promised Rick, but he was all charm and smiles and claimed to have been so drunk (I believe he said he was on a beach and on his third rum and coke) that he didn't care what Sandra Buckler had to say. He also was at his emotionally blackmailing best when he framed Afghanistan as coming down to having to look at the mums and dads who have lost their soldier-children and tell them that their babies did not die in vain. That we might have to look them in the eye and tell them that they died for a regime that tortures people, did not come up.
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