Thursday, February 14, 2008

Harper Practices The Vulcan Death Grip

This would be funny if it was not so serious. All the Liberals got for their cooperation with the Tories, is Harper latching onto Dion with both hands. No matter how much Dion struggles, Harper will not let go. No matter how many times Dion asks Harper to clarify the combat role post-2009 and to set a firm end date, Harper just shakes his head sadly and repeats the mantra "Our positions are essentially the same". It is obvious to anyone with one functioning brain cell, that Harper is now trying to run out the clock, lose the budget vote and then go to the people as the "man who tried to be reasonable" over Afghanistan.

I can hear Harper now, out on the hustings. "Oh Lordy, how we did try. We were so close to coming up with a joint position, the Liberals and us. Time just ran out. What a shame. I am glad the Liberals did, just this once, see sense and support our troops in their glorious campaign in Afghanistan." Harper will get to present himself as something other than a psychotic thug. Meanwhile, Dion will be running around the country saying, "No, no, we are very different from the Conservatives." He will look like everyone's little brother whining "Mom, Stevie's telling lies about me again!" No wonder Jack Layton can hardly contain his glee.

Update: Chantal Hebert agrees.
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