Monday, February 11, 2008

Is Rosie DiManno Stupid?

Or does she have an agenda or her own? Read the following and you decide:
If Liberals are trying to spare Canadian lives – by venturing passively, ducking into calmer territory and promoting reconstruction in the absence of a secure environment – an anti-combat insistence is utterly without merit.

But it might get Canadian troops killed. An enemy that knows troops won't fight back, can't fight back because of political handcuffs slapped on half a world away, is an enemy given a blood-embossed invitation to attack at will.
Now I am no Liberal supporter, but this is such a gross misstatement of the Liberal position that even I have to gag on it. Did the Liberals ever say that our soldiers would have to stand in the middle of Afghanistan, without weapons, and allow themselves to be murdered by the Taliban? Show me a quote from any Liberal to that effect and I will publicly apologize.

There seems to be a lot of deliberate obtuseness going on in our press corps. They are pretending to be "confused" by a Liberal position (and you can say the same about the NDP position as well) which is quite easy to understand. All the Liberals are proposing is an end to active counter insurgency campaigns by Canadian troops. They are calling on the forces to be redeployed as security for development projects. Really, it is that simple. The press corps, would rather pretend to be "confused", because it fits into their own agreed upon narrative. Dimanno is just a particularly extreme example of this "confusion".
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