Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Election Post-Mortem And A Charge Of Racism

Warren Kinsella points to Robin Sears' analysis of the recent Ontario election. Warren is offended by Sear's portrayal of the Liberal campaign as subtly racist. I like Warren, but I have to side with Sears on this one. It's not like others did not point out the odious nature of the Liberal campaign, while it was unfolding.
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  1. And I like you too.

    Question: were the hundreds of thousands of citizens who voted for McGuinty also "racist," then? Or are you suggesting they were merely stupid?

    I await your reply.

  2. No doubt some of them were. Much as some Southern Republican voters were racist. Far more of them (Ontarians and Southerners) were afraid. Afraid of something they didn't understand. It was this fear that both the Liberals and Republicans played on, rather than trying to dispell. Finally, the biggest block of these voters weren't single issue voters.

    Then again, this wasn't my question to answer, so you may wish to disregard the above.

  3. Hi Warren,

    How about a third alternative? I think a lot of them were scared by the unknown and your party did them no service by fanning those fears.
    You know that people will stick with the status quo if they are afraid of the alternative and your side played to that fear. Unfortunately, the fear in this case was the fear of the "other". Coyne saw it, I saw it, Sears saw it. Are we all crazy or are we the stupid ones?

    BTW, I don't like this kind of politics practiced by those in the NDP ranks either. I was quite disgusted by the whole "veils" controversy and the NDP's role in it.

  4. Hi Leny

    I should have read your reply before replying to Warren. Great minds/fools, eh? ;)

  5. I think great minds is the way to go if only because it is far more flattering and ego-enhancing.