Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Let Me Explain It Dana

Since you have turned off your comments (a move I understand, well). You write:
Or why the Conservatives, who loathe everything the NDP has ever stood for, are more palatable than the Liberals, who've cooperated with the CCF and NDP on numerous occasions throughout the 20th century. Which cooperation has resulted in some of the legislation that the Conservatives would like most to do away with or change beyond recognition.
The answer is simple. NDP voters hate both the Liberals and Conservatives and want their own party in charge. You (and this is common among Liberals) think that the Liberal Party is interchangeable with the NDP. That is wrong (although Layton is doing things lately that may make that true in the future and not in a good way). The Liberal Party is seen by NDP supporters as the party of corporate Canada, par excellence.

You talk about history and how the NDP has changed, let me leave you with one thing to chew on. The Liberal Party of Dion is not the Pearson/Trudeau Party. That party is gone. The blues run the Liberal Party and have done so for a quarter of a century.
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