Saturday, November 24, 2007

At Least Mulroney Stood Up For South Africans

The thing I most admired about Brian Mulroney (probably the only thing), was his stance on South Africa. He bravely stood up to Margaret Thatcher herself on economic sanctions against the then racist regime. Mulroney was right to fight against racism and he did Canada proud. Our current PM (who sees himself as an heir to Thatcher rather than Mulroney) is now playing the role of Margaret Thatcher in the Commonwealth, stubbornly blocking any attempt to come up with a united front on GHG reductions. In the end, no matter what happens to Mulroney in the coming days, at least he will have the comfort of knowing he did at least one noble thing in his life. Harper, on the other hand, will always have his GST cut.

Instant Update: In other good, related news. Harper's fellow traveler from Australia is no longer there to back him up.

Instant, Instant Update: Harper is looking more and more ridiculous. His stance that Canada will block any attempt to do anything substantive on GHG reductions until he sees every last country in the world included, is being exposed for the self-serving nonsense that it is. The sad fact is, our government wants to talk this issue to death. It will be happy to talk until every last drop of oil, every last bit of coal and every lump of peat, is burned.
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