Monday, November 19, 2007

Time (Once Again) To Scrap The RCMP

When the peasants start to egg your cars and publicly call your organization a bunch of liars, you should seriously consider folding your tent and going home. The RCMP is rotten, from top to bottom and has been for years. It has lost its legitimacy in the eyes of a public that increasingly sees it as corrupt. We are not talking about corruption in the sense of being on the take, but a systemic rot caused by being an untouchable icon for over one hundred years. This is what happens when no one watches the watchers. The RCMP is beyond saving and should be scrapped. We need a national dialog about what needs to be done to replace this awful, awful police force.

Update: Read the following paragraph:
The driver had left the car, but police found him in a nearby wooded area and took him into custody, the statement said. While in custody, he "went into distress." He was taken to Sunnybrook hospital where he was pronounced dead. (emphasis mine)
I suspect the first question everyone will ask is "How did the driver go into distress? Was it taser related?" The Toronto police had better have some good answers.
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