Thursday, November 29, 2007

Like A Giant Turd

The NDP is letting the veils vote float, without comment (as of 9 am this morning).

Update:Dr. Dawg has still not heard from Paul Dewar.

Update 2:Now the good doctor has heard something from Dewar, but doesn't yet have permission to tell the rest of us! Why don't the NDP just put it out there and be done with it? This is just nuts.

Update 3:As the doctor points out, his post is now up. My reaction? It is a pretty carefully worded letter -- much more carefully worded than is needed (Why include "To be clear, contrary to the above-noted article, our caucus has not taken a final position on Bill C-6.", for example?). To me this is a no brainer. This is a bad bill and the NDP should oppose it to the death.
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  1. It's up now. I just needed permission, because the letter had not yet been published.

  2. This new numbering system confuses and worries me. If put to a vote, I would likely vote against it...and possibly vote for a party that assured me that it would not allow the expansion of schools that taught this new numbering system.

    For the sake of our social fabric, could we at least call the last update "Update 2.1"

    I believe that this is a reasonable accommodation that does not require you to conform to the established practice of calling it "Update 3" but achieves a result that...and I don't want to undersell this...saves Canada.

  3. Good. I am no longer concerned about being challenged by something new.

    It did allow me to avoid having to comment on my problems with the NDP's approach. So it has that going for it.