Thursday, November 15, 2007

Representation By Population

On the other hand, the issue of representation by population is an issue that unites Jason, myself and all Ontarians. The federal government is deliberately excluding Ontario from correcting an already badly out of kilter system, in favor of his western base. This is completely unfair to Ontario and any Ontario MP who votes for this legislation should be held to account. I urge everyone from Ontario to contact their local MP and tell them to amend the bill to correct this injustice.
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  1. I tried commenting earlier...
    8 hours after a day of work later and a time to settle down I still say the same thing...
    waahhhhhh!...and I heard you say that Albertans are the crybabies.
    Any constituency rejigging is better than your MMP or STV (or whatever you call it) that gives you crybabies a seat without sweating it and working for it.
    You've said a few times (here and elsewhere) that you've given up voting 'cuz your view don't get in so what's the use.
    Well, some of us think otherwise and we think there is a use. It's called signing up and working for it.
    Happy days.

  2. When did Greg call Albertans crybabies?

    A quick search of his blog shows no use of the word crybabies, and only a few posts mentioning Alberta. He rarely judges Albertans as a group and, one of the few times he did, he said: "Real people in Alberta (as opposed to John Ibbitson, apparently) have lives after all."

    On this blog, Greg has shown nothing but respect to the political underrepresentation of Alberta, an underrepresentation it shares with British Columbia and Ontario. You owe Greg an apology.

  3. Anonymous, let me just correct a couple of things. First, adding representation to B.C. and Alberta is not the issue. Treating Ontario differently than B.C. and Alberta is the issue.

    Second, it is true, I have decided to stop voting in Ontario provincial elections because my vote does not count. I will continue to vote federally since my vote does give funding to the party of my choice.

  4. Reform starts at home, Anonymous--and I don't mean big-R reform. Calgary and Edmonton have two thirds of Alberta's population but only slightly over half the seats in the provincial legislature--hence Ed Stelmach's Green Acres cabinet. Outside of Edmonton, by the way, no politician sweats for a seat as long they have the tory nomination in their riding.

  5. I wrote to my (NDP) MP a few days ago, but what is the position of the NDP on this new formula proposed for HOC? I see the Liberal Party has released a statement criticizing it and saying Harper should work with the provinces in changing the formula, but I haven't seen anything from the NDP.