Monday, September 24, 2007

Ontario Can Lead The Way With MMP

So we can end stuff like this from showing up in the Globe's political coverage:
While the Conservatives and Liberals appear nearly tied for support, according to a Strategic Counsel survey in August, the same research found Mr. Harper has built up political capital with Canadians, strengthened his position in Quebec and gained support in the 905 area code around Toronto and in Southwestern Ontario.

Still, analysts warn that an election would be risky for Mr. Harper, especially if Liberals could steal back votes from the New Democrats using the threat of a Conservative majority. (emphasis mine)
We have to get this mentality out of our politics. It leads to bitter partisanship, with parties raiding each other for votes, using fear as their main weapon. Fear is the toxin that has sickened the body politic for years. Luckily there is a cure. It is called MMP, where every vote counts and fear of dictatorial false majorities is virtually eliminated. In Ontario, we can lead the way by giving the rest of the country a good example of how to move away from fear and smear politics. Vote MMP.
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