Saturday, September 15, 2007

John Tory Is Afraid Of John Tory

John Tory, who is "neutral" on the question of Ontario's electoral system said this yesterday to the National Post:
"I certainly haven't run into anybody who thinks it would be better to have MPPs, or any other kinds of politicians, who are appointed by party bosses and accountable to no constituents," Mr. Tory said.
Mr. Tory, is of course, the "party boss" of the Conservative Party. I guess Mr. Tory would pack the Conservative list with only those who are accountable to "party bosses who put their names on the list". I am glad we know that now, so when the Conservatives release their list in 2011, we can all vote for another party. I would never vote for someone who is so afraid of himself he needs to warn everyone of the danger.
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