Saturday, September 08, 2007

Dear Mr. Harper

Talk all you want about the environment. Go ahead, knock yourself out. Everyone knows you are lying anyway, so no one is listening.

Update: Robopundit nails it:
But what Harper and Dion share is a vested interest in an electorate too distracted, disengaged or disheartened to follow the bouncing ball from promise to policy, image to outcomes. Neither can withstand the scrutiny that was once a routine part of measuring government effectiveness.

Any meaningful difference in Canada's environmental performance under Liberals or Conservatives is in the eye of the partisan observer. Nineteen months into its mandate, this "new" government has yet to prove its any more committed than the old.

Never mind that the evidence of human irresponsibility is painfully evident in the melting ice cap and in the number of summer smog alerts. Limp Liberal programs and lip service have survived the government transition with just a Conservative twist.

That twist is all about definition. No one is likely to mistake Conservatives for Liberals except when they furrow brows over the planet and go slow on its protection.
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