Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Harper And Climate Change

I can't be bothered to get too excited by anything Harper does on climate change. I get it already. He really doesn't think it is a big deal. Meanwhile in Ontario, it is September 25 and it is going to be over 30 degrees today. In other news, the drought continues, the Great Lakes are shrinking, the Arctic is melting and the voters are getting worried. Harper is as useless as a Liberal on this file. If people want a change in direction in this area, they are going to have to vote for parties other than the Conservatives and Liberals in the upcoming election.

Update: Again, no big surprise. Harper's main goal is to sell intensity targets as a way out, for governments that want to look like they are combating global warming, while not doing anything at all. We should all be very proud, as a nation, to have produced such a leader at this time of global crisis.
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