Saturday, September 01, 2007

More BC Reaction To Dirty Dick's Power Play

From today's Victoria Times Colonist, in an editorial about the appointment of Sharon Smith as the "go to person" in Nathan Cullen's riding:
This (the appointment of Sharon Smith -- ed) is wrong on a number of levels, but most offensive because it suggests that the Conservatives have decided to punish or ignore Canadians who chose to elect a member of Parliament from another party, and have succeeded in politicizing the public service to ensure that happens.

The people of Skeena should not have to go to anyone other than their elected MP with their concerns. And Harris, as B.C. caucus chair, should not be suggesting public concerns will be ignored unless they are raised by a Conservative.

Even the suggestion that a riding has to be represented by someone from the ruling party to have any hope of getting access to government is a dismal political stunt.

The unilateral appointment of an unelected representative is something that happens in North Korea, not northern B.C.

The Conservatives should recognize the folly of their actions, cancel the appointment immediately and apologize to the voters of Skeena.
The editorial gets the tone just right. His psychotic majesty would be right at home in the North Korean Communist Party.
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