Tuesday, September 18, 2007

MMP Quick Hits

Thanks to Antonia Zerbisias' Facebook, I found this link to Daniel Aldana Cohen's piece in Walrus. It is a very personal account of his support for MMP.

I watched Liberal Senator David Smith on Newman's show, last night. He was just another high profile Liberal attacking MMP, in all respects but one. Smith conceded he is not worried by the prospect of list MPP's and thinks the process for selecting them will be as fair as the system now in place for selecting riding candidates.

After watching Smith, I must admit I was shocked that he seemed to confuse riding support and provincial support when it came to meeting a 3% threshold for seats in the legislature. Anyone listening to him could be forgiven if they thought a party could have a seat in the legislature if they got more than 3% in a riding rather than province-wide. I am sure Mr. Smith didn't mean to mislead people, but he was quite clumsy in presenting his case.
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