Friday, September 14, 2007

Big Hurt For Dion Is A Comin'

Get the violins ready, we are going to have to play Dion some sad, sad music. While, I am happy the Liberals are set to lose Outremont, I can't help feeling that the NDP, if they do win, will be a little less shiny for the effort.
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  1. It hurts when your favoured guys reveal themselves to be politicians after all, with feet of clay, doesn't it, Greg? (The first duty of a statesman is to be elected. Not at any cost, but there will be compromises, and we won't like 'em.)

    Nevertheless, if the Quebeckers who are social-democrats decide that the NDP is a serious vehicle for their views on the federal scene instead of a brokerage party like the Liberals or an alliance of careerists and traitors like the Bloc, that's on balance good for the country.

    (Even if that ups the number of socialist MPs in the Commons. Alas.)

  2. feet of clay

    I was thinking of something even earthier. Compromise is one thing, I would be ticked but hey that's life, but aiding in pandering toward racism is a disgrace.