Saturday, February 28, 2009

Robopundit Nails The Liberal Position

Travers intuitively understands the Liberals' tail swallowing logic when discussing what is to be done about the Tory's slush fund:
Fortunately, there's a solution that requires some Liberal backbone, not an election that would not be in the national interest now. As a condition for continuing Liberal support of the budget still making its way through Parliament, Ignatieff should insist that the $3 billion fund be transparent. One caveat would guarantee that Page gets the funding that he was promised and needs to do his job. Another would force the immediate creation of a website to allow the timely tracing of public dollars all the way into private pockets.
Understand? The Liberals need to force Harper to do what he doesn't want to do and they absolutely cannot force an election over this (not in the country's best interest, don't ya know). So, how are the Liberals going to force Harper to change his mind?

My guess is, hypnotism. How else will Iggy be able to convince Harper that he will no longer support the budget and yet not force an election? Threaten a coalition? Harper will laugh until he wets his pants over that "threat". Truly, watching Liberals and their media minions, these days, is like watching a French bedroom farce. There is lots of yelling and door slamming, but in the end, everybody gets screwed.
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  1. Ignatieff will not seek accountability for the $3B before supporting the budget. He is Harper-lite and Harper is Bush-lite. Who is running the show in Canada?