Friday, February 27, 2009

Parliament Is Becoming An Episode Of Oz

Shorter Harper to Iggy: "Ok bitch, bend over or else."

Liberals are having some buyer's remorse at the moment, I am sure. It looks to me like Harper is feeling his oats again and has determined that Iggy is a punk. Too bad Iggy dumped the coalition in favor of the biggest "swinging dick" on the cell block. If it wasn't so sad for the country, I might be amused.

Update: Some Liberals are in denial, but not the ones running the party. The slush fund vote will come long before June and from my vantage point, Iggy's box is much smaller than Harper's.
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1 comment:

  1. Exactly! I never liked this "probation" business, since it's obvious to everyone that Iggy would take down the government if he thought he could win. Now this budget bill is going through that helps almost no one and the Liberals are playing this game of "hold your nose and vote". What's worse is they are accusing anyone who dissents of being a irresponsible.