Friday, February 27, 2009

Whither The Progressive Wing Of The Liberal Party

Chantal Hebert today:
Despite its timid scope, the motion did serve one purpose and it was to formally align Trudeau with the activist wing of the Liberal caucus. Over the one-hour debate on the motion, that message was driven home further by the presence within camera range of Trudeau of Toronto MP Gerard Kennedy.

They both belong to a section of the caucus that has pretty much been reduced to marginal gestures since the de facto selection of Michael Ignatieff as leader, and the subsequent decision to support the Conservative budget. (emphasis mine)
I wonder how much it hurts to stand up and vote for a budget you don't believe in, just to satisfy the small "c" conservative rulers of the party? I am always amazed that they put up with it.
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  1. As if nobody within Harpo's caucus these past 3 years has ever stood & voted with his party while he quietly crapped his pants in revulsion?

    You trying to tell us there was not a singular 'fiscal conservative' who placed his party's immediate interests before his own belief system. Also, do you not think that more than one of Manic Jack's team had serious reservations about their leader's rush to wed and bed Dion in December? Of course not.

    A little balance please.

  2. Of course you are right, but my point is, this is a pattern set down since the fall of Trudeau and the left wing of the party just keeps on hanging in there. Trudeau is gone. The Winters branch has truly won. It is time to face that and look at your options.