Thursday, February 12, 2009

Robopundit's Lament

Travers is crying in his beer today about the state of politics in this country. It seems the two big parties are more concerned about the state of their respective parties, rather than the state of the nation:
Ottawa has choices. It can moan about unfairness and lament its diminished mastery of Canada's political space. Or it can maximize the advantages of being so close to the big U.S. game by abandoning the sidelines for the field.

Conservatives and Liberals are co-conspirators in that missed opportunity. Instead of doing everything possible, they are accepting that they can't do much. Instead of seizing the moment to reconstruct tomorrow they are wallowing in yesterday's politics.

That's no surprise; it is a pity.
Neat the way he limits the list of co-conspirators to just two, eh? Too bad he stops there though.

I don't disagree that the two big parties are more interested in maneuvering for advantage than helping Canadians through this economic crisis. However, I would add to the list of conspirators, the MSM, which spends 99.99% of its time propping up the status quo and dismissing parties that dissent from the Ottawa elite consensus as naive or out of touch. It seems a bit rich for Travers to attack the very parties his own employers are so desperate to maintain as the only two political alternatives in this country, while remaining silent on his own role in supporting our toxic status quo. To use Travers' own words, "That's no surprise; it's a pity".
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