Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Opposition As Written By Samuel Beckett

Ignatieff spoke to Prime Minister Stephen Harper late Monday asking him to rethink the measures that would penalize Newfoundland.

"I said to the prime minister, 'You can't run a federation this way, unilateral-without-warning changes,"' Ignatieff said following Monday's vote.

"I said, would he push the pause button on those changes and rethink his approach to get greater national unity in a time of crisis, and he said no."

So, this is no way to run a federation, but will Iggy actually, you know, do something to stop this injustice? Um, no. The Dionification of Iggy continues apace.

Typed with one hand. :)

“The government is one big wrecking crew when it comes to federal-provincial relations,” Mr. Dosanjh said.

But Newfoundland's lone New Democrat MP wondered why, if that's what Liberals believe, any of them are voting for the budget.
Good luck getting an answer to that one, Jack. I suspect the replies from Liberals will begin with a question about your parentage and end with either a quip about your obvious lack of political sophistication, or a general "our team is better than your team" put down. It is all The Liberals have.
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