Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Slander Party

From the Globe:
“The political party that's governing our country feel they can say anything about Joe Little Guy. They've got deep pockets. What recourse does the average Canadian have against that kind of power?” Mr. Zytaruk said.
One Hell of a way to run a country, eh?

Bonus Snark: And just what the Hell is going on with the Liberals?
Outside the Commons Friday, Liberal House Leader Ralph Goodale said he could not comment, because the terms of the Liberals' settlement of the lawsuit preclude him from discussing the case.
So, we have a government that can say whatever the Hell it wants about the Cadman Affair and an official opposition that can't say anything. Welcome to Zimbabwe.
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  1. Fair enough, Fester--but when this thing was at its height the NDP chose not to say much because they felt they had their own fish to fry. It seems to me you were pretty disengaged yourself.

  2. True, I did have other things to write about, but I was never neutral on the topic.