Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tories Throwing Meat To The Wolves

The wolves seem unimpressed. Really, seriously, about the only thing that might appease the opposition at this point is Harper's personal resignation. Anything less than that and I think the conclusion is forgone.
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  1. They decided they don't want him.

    So the government will be defeated on the 8th.

    That's just kind of how it's going to be.

  2. Yup. I think they have reached the point where they just can't work with him. He is so untrustworthy and quite frankly immature, that the other parties have had their fill. If the party throws him over the side and puts someone (Jay Hill?, Jim Prentice?) up as an interim leader, perhaps the government could survive. Since that won't happen, they are toast.

  3. I agree this would be a wise idea and I am sure some caucus members have thought of this, but considering his strong arm tactics I cannot see it happen. Now may be when in opposition this will happen, hard to know.

  4. Well, I wouldn't say that they're necessarily toast.

    In fact, if there's an election before 2010, I'd say that the odds-on favoured outcome is a Tory majority.

    But there's going to be a change of government right now, and if the coalition can hold it together for a couple of years, they might do him in for good.