Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sanity Returns?

Let's hope this is true. It would be good to think our PM is neither so reckless, nor stupid as to create a phony confrontation a month after a $300 million election. My guess is the government did some polling and found out if they did approach the coming session with that attitude and were defeated in the House, they would get slaughtered in an election. People are scared. Really scared. Especially in Ontario and Quebec. This recession is going to be bad. The very last thing people want their government to be doing is playing silly buggers with the opposition. This government and this governing party have a serious problem with the idea of governing. As Rachel Maddow observed on Colbert the other night, why hire someone who doesn't believe in the job in the first place? The Conservatives have to dispel the idea that they don't believe in government.

The people of Canada have given Harper and his crew one more chance to prove that they are not ideological ass clowns. One more chance to prove that they understand government actually has a role to play. If they do not have the ability to adjust, they will get tossed onto the sidelines like their ideological inspirations in the south.

The signal sent in the Globe article is a positive one. I just hope it sticks.
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