Saturday, November 29, 2008

F.U. Do Over?

News item:
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty scheduled an announcement on Sunday as the government sought to persuade the country it was combating the economic slowdown, the CBC reported.
I wonder what Flaherty will say? "Gee, I was just kidding about cutting spending. Really, look here let me throw some money at these homeless guys. See, we're serious! Don't vote us out, Steve will kill me!" It is a possibility. Or, Flaherty could try to hold the line and feed the base. With this government, the only thing you can say for sure is, they won't be thinking of the country's best interest. We will either have a thrown together snow job or a rock-ribbed Republican hootenanny. Just more games from a bunch that just can't seem to grow up.
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1 comment:

  1. He'll vow to stamp out wasteful pork barrelling and earmarks. No, wait, that's already been tried somewhere else, hasn't it...